• Benefits of Yoga for children

    Benefits of Yoga for children

    Yoga integrates all aspects of ourselves – body, mind and spirit – and helps us find inner balance to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing. The pace of modern life is fast and not just for us adults but for our children too
  • How to get your child to do yoga?

    How to get your child to do yoga?

    As parents we love our children and naturally want the very best for them, so how can we equip them with tools to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing to better cope with all that is thrown at them in their busy life?
  • Why Ommie?

    Why Ommie?

    Our modern world moves very fast not only for us adults certainly for children too. It is not long before they may feel all kinds of pressure, whether personal, parental or social, to keep up with everyone and everything around them.
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